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The purpose of the Számla Agent PHP API is to simplify data communication with the Számla Agent system for end users. It is not necessary for the user to know how to generate XML or to use PHP-based remote data connection functions; our PHP class handles this work by encapsulating it behind a simple method invocation.


The package's version 2.10.18 (2024.04.18.) can be downloaded here!

You will find a separate example for implementing each function in the examples directory.

Each example demonstrates how to create or query different data using the Agent.

Each example follows these steps:

  1. Setting up the Agent: Providing Számlá account information (username and password)
  2. Creating and configuring the data to be sent (e.g., invoice, receipt, etc.)
  3. Sending the request to Számlá
  4. Receiving and processing the response (for both successful and unsuccessful cases)