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Other questions

Can I issue electronic invoices?

Yes. Számla Agent can generate both e-invoices and regular paper-based invoices. The type of the invoice depends on the value of the eszamla variable. In the case it is TRUE, an e-invoice will be created; in the case it is FALSE, a regular invoice will be created.

Referencing a pro forma invoice

It is possible to reference pro forma invoices to issue a regular invoice. This has not been possible until recently (06.06.2019). Before this, it was not possible to issue a regular invoice based on the pro forma invoice if there was no order number on the invoice. Now it is possible by referencing the pro forma invoice by its invoice number using the <dijbekeroSzamlaszam></dijbekeroSzamlaszam> tag.

Agent output types

The Agent can create the following types of documents:

  • invoice
  • reverse invoice (storno invoice)
  • prepayment invoice based on payment request
  • final invoice
  • corrective invoice
  • pro forma (prepayment, deposit) request
  • delivery note

Will the system send an e-mail notification after an invoice was generated by Számla Agent?

It will send a notification only if the e-mail address of the buyer is provided in the XML. Here you can also set the subject and text content of the notification e-mail. Also, there are a few options to format the text with the help of BBCode tags.

Accepted BBCodes are the following:

  • [b], [/b]

  • [i], [/i]

  • [u], [/u]

  • [h1], [/h1]...[h6], [/h6]

  • [center], [/center]

You can also attach files to the e-mail notification. This could be useful e.g. if you are selling electronics, and you would like to attach the warranty to the invoice.

In order to do this, you need to post the XML file to the action-xmlagentxmlfile form and the attachment to attachfile1. The maximum number of attachents is 5, and you can only post a single file to a single form. To attach e.g. 2 files, you need to post one file to attachfile1, and another to attachfile2.