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Establishing a Connection

Connecting an invoice issuer account

Once Számlá IT has registered the receiving application, the invoice issuer account can be linked to the external system. This is very simple: select the receiving system from a dropdown list, set the identifier key (details on this later), and the start dates. The linking can be performed by the owner, administrator, or accountant of the invoice issuer account in the account settings. Naturally, for the data flow to be operational, the receiving system must be prepared to receive data sent by Számlá

If it is a hidden connection, for example, if the data connection is being prepared only for one company and will not be visible to all clients, the linking is also performed by Számlá IT.

By specifying the start date for data transmission, Számlá's system will send invoices/receipts/transactions from the set date - even retroactively.

Establishing a Connection


The date interval should be set so that today's date is included.