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Registering a receiving application in the Számlá system

The first step in establishing the connection is to register the system that will receive the invoice data in the Számlá system. This registration can be performed by Számlá IT support if the following information is available:

nameThe name of the receiving systemThis will appear in the dropdown and on the financial connection page
emailContact email addressSystem messages related to the connection will be sent here
contactnameContact person's nameName of the person responsible for the connection
keypostfixKey postfix5 characters, this must be added to the end of every identifier key
addkeytourlShould the key be added to the end of the URL?Yes/No
urlszamlakiURL suitable for receiving outgoing invoices
pdfszamlakiAttach the invoice PDF when transmitting outgoing invoices?Yes/No
urlszamlabeURL suitable for receiving incoming invoices
pdfszamlabeAttach the invoice PDF when transmitting incoming invoices?Yes/No
urlbanktranzURL suitable for receiving bank transactions
urlnyugtaURL suitable for receiving receipts

If you want to connect your application with Számlá, we need the above parameters from you initially. If you do not want to receive incoming invoices , bank transactions, or receipts, simply leave the respective URL fields empty. Download this CSV, fill in the details of your receiving system, and send it back to us.

In Számlá, two types of online data connection registrations are possible: public or hidden. The public connection is available to all our customers; typically, accounting software is listed among our currently public partners. If you want to integrate your system with Számlá through a public connection, prior approval, rigorous testing, and marketing cooperation are required for the connection to be established.
Creating a hidden connection is generally simpler; if you only want to connect your own ERP/CRM system to your own billing account, please indicate this during registration. A hidden connection does not appear in the list and can only be used in the account(s) you designate.