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Details of Faulty Operation detects if the data it sends (HTTP/HTTPS request) cannot be received by the target system or if the correct XML response is not received. In this case, it tries to send the data in question to the receiving system again and again (at given intervals). If the given invoice/receipt/transaction cannot be received by the external system within 72 hours, the invoice/receipt/transaction is "dropped" from the send queue and will not be retried. It will be parked.


If a receiving system gives an incorrect response for an extended period of time, or no response at all, or a particularly slow response, your receiving system will be disabled. We do not disconnect the data connection in the billing accounts that are set up, but we stop the background process that is performing the transfer.

The activation is done manually, the receiving system's data administrator must notify us when the error has been corrected and the data flow can start again.